Eighth Day Arts was born in February 2013. The name comes from Thornton Wilder’s novel, “The Eighth Day,” wherein he writes: Man is not an end but a beginning. We are at the beginning of the second week. We are the children of the eighth day. The novel is my favorite of all Wilder’s works. I first read the book in the late 1970’s and knew one day I would use the title for an arts related endeavor. Here we are.

headshot vintage small  My name is Nancy M. Ruff.

My background is in film, with experience in short films, documentaries and features. I have produced and directed for the theatre and founded the LA Shorts Fest. I am the Artistic Director of “Eighth Day Arts” and, until recently, ran a brick and mortar fair trade boutique/art gallery.

Eighth Day Arts focuses on the fun of art, and offers film screenings, play and script readings, book signings, theatre performances, poetry events, classes, seminars and more. A podcast is in the works.

The primary goal is to bring people of diverse cultures, interests and backgrounds together through art.

My personal interests include travel, writing and photography.

For a more detailed bio http://about.me/nancymruff

I would love to hear from you.

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