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The follow-up to our first fantastic session in March. April features Children of Xenog.

Music starts at 7:00 p.m. and is ongoing.

Admission is $10 at the door and includes wine and snacks.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Who -or what- are the Children of Xenog?

Brainchildren of Xenog (BoX for short) is a quartet of Los Angeles
area musicians who have known and worked with each other in
countless other groups and situations for many years. The band began
as a trumpet/bass/drums trio in 2012, eventually adding Vince
Meghrouni on woodwinds, who proved to be the missing ingredient in
the combination of energetic improvisation and oblique humor which
characterizes the BoX aesthetic. Most obviously influenced by the likes
of Sun Ra and The Art Ensemble of Chicago in its approach, the band
is nonetheless inspired and informed by the gamut of American music
and beyond.
BoX is:
Brian Christopherson – drums
Dan Clucas – cornet, flutes, misc.
Marc Doten – acoustic bass
Vince Meghrouni – woodwinds, misc.
Vince Meghrouni is a Los Angeles musician who plays saxophone, flute,
harmonica and drums. Vince enjoys playing jazz, blues, free improvisation, punk
rock, country, funk, psychedelic, classical, art-pop, new music and even musical
theater with love for all and disdain for none. And he sings, too.
Beginning his foray into the public eye in the theater-of-the-absurd punk horn band
El Grupo Sexo, Vince has continued his musical journey with quality time spent
with such groups and artists as Bill Barrett, Bazooka, Stew (Mark Stewart), Patrick
Park, Mike Watt, Brant Bjork, Biblical Proof of UFO’s, Carlos Guitarlos, The
BellRays, Brother Weasel, Barry Smolin, Del Noah and The Mt. Ararat Finks, Two
Bass Hit, Slowrider, The Reluctant Toby and current groups, The Atomic Sherpas,
HellBat!, Brainchildren of Xenog, Fatso Jetson, The DownBeats. He’s played his
harmonica on a Budweiser commercial and does a jaunty version of Debussy’s
Syrinx on flute.

Brian Christopherson is an L.A. based drummer currently playing with
Saccharine Trust, Tune to Me, Brainchildren of Xenog, Dead Air Trio, Such
Simple Ears, Lofty Canaanites, and Extra Frothy Dynamite. He has
contributed his singular drumming skills to dozens of Los Angeles music
groups over the last 20+ years.

Bassist Marc Doten is a Los Angeles native. He enjoys composing
and improvising idiomatically ambiguous music. Marc may be best
known to some as bassist for the formidable L.A. instrumental rock
band Double Naught Spy Car.
His favorite affordable restaurants are Las Fuentes in Reseda and La
Abeja in Highland Park.
This will be Marc’s debut with BoX, as worthy stand-in for regular
bassist Michael Alvidrez.

Dan Clucas is a cornetist and trumpeter based in Los Angeles. He
currently performs with Dead Air Trio, Such Simple Ears (a duo with
Brian Christopherson), and Joe Baiza’s Mecolodiacs. He has performed
and/or recorded with Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Steuart Liebig, Michael
Vlatkovich, Vinny Golia and Rich West, among others.