BookCover_4 - 2013-08-14 at 16-25-41 - Version 3IMG_0546 (3)We promised and delivered! A fun and entertaining evening was had by all with the warm and wonderful Robin Riker. For more info on future events follow us here, on Facebook or Twitter @eighthdayarts

apx book display

Available at Cat in the Lotus – a great gift!

brr facebook teaser

60 books sold and Robin graciously signed them all

cpx robin reading 1

Robin reads a selection from Survivor’s Guide

dpx crowd 6 epx crowd 2 fpx david breeze 4

David Strother & Breeze Smith aka Duo Silencio

gpx crowd 4 hpx lyla rj

On the left employee extraordinaire Lyla – could not have done it without her

ipx crowd 7 jpx david breeze 5 kpx crowd 12 lpx joey barely visible bow tie

Joey dresses for he occasion

mpx robin witkin npx rr 2 opx david breeze blur ppx crowd 1 px crowd 10 px david breeze 2 px the view from outside qpx crowd 0 rpx crowd 5 spx crowd 14 tpx joey robin upx rr reading 2 vpx nmr robin 2

Artistic Director, Nancy M Ruff & Robin during Q&A