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Gallery Exhibit: July 12 – September 13, 2013

Artist’s  Closing Reception – Saturday, September 14, 2013 from 7:00 – 9:00pm

Refreshments served

Live acoustic guitar stylings by Nicholas

Chance to Win!

Raffle for An Artist’s Print and Gift Basket

Emerging new artist, Lisa Agaran will be displaying a collection of her original mixed media pieces in a solo exhibit which will run between July 12 through September 13, 2013.

This series is a blending of mixed media, collage and found objects. According to Lisa, creating spontaneously and intuitively allows the piece to dictate the direction it wants to go, organically guiding the next step in the process and so on. Surrendering to the moment without preplanning or any preconceived ideas allows the space to channel the subconscious during the creative process. Lisa’s work often reflects a natural and atmospheric dream like feel. The mystery of images not clearly defined invites the viewer to create his or her own individual experience by projecting their own memories, dreams and interpretations. She will also be showing pieces from her Lotus Series, illustrating the lotus flower in a unique and creative perspective.

Lisa Agaran received her BFA from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. She originally started her creative career as a graphic designer. She received her MA in Psychology in 2003 and has spent the last 10 years integrating both her artistic and psychology background by coaching other artists and creative professionals. Lisa’s work can be viewed on her website at ArtbyLisaAgaran.com. She can also be contacted by email at lisa@artbylisaagaran.com.


Hope you can join us!